A Taste of The World

A traveler in her soul, curious and passionate, Francine Tellier develops trips to singular courses.

Often aptly named intercultural bridge, she sees the successful journey as a work of art, a growing experience that opens the horizons, inspires and changes. She designs her tours carefully and works with handpicked people to offer you the best in her travel style.

Since 1984, she has traveled to Asia and the United States, lived in China and Mexico. She began to design, organize and accompany tours in 1992.

Journeys based on the SPIRIT. This spirit that inhabits the populations visited and presides over the birth of everything. Spirit that expresses itself through the way of life of the people visited. An identity defined by the beliefs, the rituals and which constitutes the culture of a people and expresses by its art. A spirit of AUTHENTICITY.

Thus, several themes revolve around elements such as tea, cooking, spices, markets, nomads, dance, meditation, Tai Ji, yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda and many others. Inspiring meetings with exceptional people who often work anonymously to help children without educational resources. Others who reunite every year to plant trees in deserted areas out of their pure good heart and will and without any kind of support from any association or governmental organization, among other extraordinary human experiences. Extraordinary humanitarian experiences.

Associations also, handpicked, which have been set up by and for Tibetan refugees, gypsies, nomads … GREAT meetings concealed under a profoundly touching humility.

We believe in small group travels as they allows us to provide you with a more personalized attention and a closer contact with local communities. This way we can offer you a very unique and distinctive experience. None of our travel experience leaves you unchanged in a way or another.

Many people and fascinating places that you can discover by accompanying in her adventures outside the border.

Francine is a certified accompanying guide and a member of the Corporation of accompanying guide of Quebec (CAGQ) since 2013.

However, we also welcome bigger groups as we have an excellent and professional support team to welcome you and create the travel experience you may wish to have.

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.
– Benjamin Disraeli

Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by.
– Robert Frost