• AhmedabadDo the interesting heritage walk and go to the calico textile museum, Tribal museum, Adalaj Baôli(stepweel), Sabarmati ashram (ancient house of Gandhi).
  • Poshina
    Discover tribal villages that takes you back to the simple beauty of traditional village life, popu-lated by a captivating mix of colorful communities of the Garasias, the Bhils and the pastoral Rabaris. It is home to a tribal shrine where you’ll find scenes of terra-cotta horses and goddess. If possible we’ll go visit some of their houses.

    IN the morning go watch Garasias women coming from the villages to sell wood, carried on top de their head which provides you with an excellent picture taking activity.

    Go back to the village visit the homes of potters who makes these striking horses. You will also get a stroll in the Darbargadh Poshina where you’ll get to stay, once a palace owned by the Chalukyas whose empire spread through much of Gujarat and Central India in the 12th century. Nowadays it has become an heritage hotel. In the evening, go back to villages to witness some daily activities of the tribe people.

  • ZainabadVisit Patan, an ancient fortified city that was founded in 745 AD.
    The walk in Rani Ki Vav stepwell, the oldest and deepest among 120 other step well in Gujarat. Stop at Patola house the museum of the family who created the double Ikat weaving method which became very worldwide famous.

    Then move on to Modhera Surya temple (sun temple).

    Stay at the desert camp where you will experience a closed to nature and simple yet highly hos-pitable way of life. Go on safari to watch wild life and go after the nomadic tribes spend time with them, take the best pictures and maybe have chai in their company.

    In the evening, relax watching tribal dance and enjoying a camp fire.

    You’ll also go to some village meet with the local people and most likely get to spend some time at Akaash Ganga where kids drop by every day to learn, play and eat a snack together and with a patronage of the owner of Desert Courser camp.

  • Bhuj
    On the way to Bhuj, stop at Dhamadka village to see the traditional block painting called Ajrak.

    Usually used to print fabric of deep crimson red and indigo blue in symmetrical patterns. The technics dates back to the civilizations of the Hindu valley around 2500 BC-1500 BC.

    Dhaneti, another village where you will discover Ahir embroidery which is a rhythmic row of embroidered patterns, circular mirrors encircled with colorful stitches.

    Bhujodi handloom weaving village .

    In Buj go the the Wazir Museum quality vintage textiles where you will have a good lecture from M.Wazir himself. There, you will also be able to purchase some wonderful pieces of han-dicraft if you like.

    Go to Bhuj Pragmahal, a palace dating back XIX° century. The go see the the and dye process to make the Bhandani fabric which dates back 6th-7th century A.D.

  • Villages around Bhuj
    Visit the village of Nirona, very famous for its Roganpainting, copper bells and wood carving Then we move on to Hodka village which specialized in leather work dyed with vegetable co-lors.

    Bhaidaiara village, where we have lunch after what you’ll get to see the colorful Maghwaltribe specialized in embroidery.

    Then go to Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh in the desert where we will attend the Rann Utsav festival and get a feeling of Gujarat fair, which goes along with a load of special photos to take.

  • Mandvi beach
    On the way visit Jain temple then go to the resort.
    Morning visit to the fish market, see boat making and Vijay Vilas palace.
  • Gondal
    The people of the Gondal is considered highly spiritual.

    Enjoy a leisure time to walk around the palace where you’ll be staying, and where you can see the vintage car collection in the open air museum that belonged to the Maharaja Bhagwat Sinhji as well as the train wagon that was the salon of the royal family of Gondal.

    Visit the Naulakha Palace is the oldest palace in Gondal, dating back to the 17th century and the temples in Gondal include Akshar Mandir and Deri (BAPS Swaminarayan.)

  • Somnath
    On the way, stop at the the town of Jetpur, famous for tis textile screen printing. You’ll get to see all the process involved in the spree and other fabric printing.
    In Somnath, visit the temple which is believed to be the first among the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. It is an important hinduism pilgrimage spot in Gujarat.
  • Sasan Gir
    Gir national parkis the only natural habitat of world popular Asiatic Lions.Evening and mor-ning safari.
  • Palitana
    Palitana was founded in 1194 and was ruled by nobles until it joined the newly independent country of India in 1948. It is a major Jain pilgrimage center and the first of the two vegetarian cities in the world. A non violent community lives there.

    Palitana is a fantastic hilltop situated at an elevation of 7,288 feet (2,221 m). Reaching it involves climbing over 3,750 stone steps. People who can’t climb it for any reason can use the service of a porters to reach the top. This service is not included in the package as it goes by the weight. So anyone in need for the service might inform us upon reservation of the tour and get to pay for directly to the providers once on site.

  • Baroda
    Vadodara, Gujarat’s third largest city. There, you’ll get to visit the Laxmi Vilas palace and museum and picture gallery.
  • Jambughoda
    On the way to Jambughoda go visit the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage. It has archaeological remains that date from the 8th to 16th century. A 15th c. pre-Mughal Islamic fort. Together they represent the diversity of religious influences that have pervaded Gujarat.

    Meet the Rathwas and Nayak tribes which are highly superstitious and God-fearing. Their home entrance is adorned by rich wooden carving of figurines and tribal icons and, the famous Pithora paintings.

Gujarat Desert

Welcoming and colorful tribes


Meet children of Akash Ganga


Go meet nomads of the desert

Vijaya vilas palace


Desert shepherds


Daily activities


The people of the Gondal is considered highly…

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