F.T.Jetsetting also offers you events organization and management services.Cumulating decades of experience in organization, event planning, hosting management as well as in tourism, oenotourism and catering, Francine is pleased to assist you for your personal or corporate event.

Event for which she invitesyouespecially to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and to Rajasthan, India. Naturally enough, she also can help you with event in Quebec and more precisely in the big Montreal region.You are looking for something set a natural surrounding? Oka sure is a place show knows of and where she will gladly help you organize your special moment.

Why San Miguel de Allende as predilection place?

Well, this small town which is named year after year a world treasure in so many ways, is beautiful and offers a wide variety of activities, good food caterers, a high end gastronomy, organic vineyards where to host beautifully your event. Not to speak of the exquisite and even some sumptuous hotels where to enjoy to stay…and because she knows the place and people so well for she lived and worked there for a number of years. Because San Miguel de Allende is set in high desert plane and offers a generally dry and pleasant climate and it is a very distinctive place to host any special event.People simply fall in love with that place.

Now, how can one come to choose to host an event in Rajasthan, India? Easily Very easily in fact. The land of the Kings – Maharajahs is set in the desert, the state is filled with immense and grandiose palaces, incredibly rich in history and so many splendor constructions and expression of art and beauty you may feel like being transportedin a fairy tale of the 1,001 nights riding on elephant or camel back. Rajasthan sure is place where we can put a very distinctive event.

Be it for a wedding, an important and significant anniversary, a special momentworth celebrating, a wine experience, a mezcal or tequila tasting and discovery, a corporate event of any kind, a team building summit, a wise women gathering, a sisterhood retreat celebration, a film and photograph tour or any other event that makes you feel you want to gather your people together and enjoy a privilege moment, feel free to let us know and we’ll assist you in the realization of this very unique event.